About Us

Soldiers of Fitness Ltd. (SOF) is a comprehensive physical conditioning program that combines the expertise and benefits of one-on-one personal fitness training with the camaraderie and motivation of a military atmosphere. We do fitness the way professional armies do - with push ups, sit ups, and a lot of good hard work!


If you’re one of those people that make the excuses
   • you have no time to get yourself in shape
   • you don’t know what you should be eating to lose weight
   • you can’t stick to a fitness routine
   • you hate going to the gym for hours and seeing no results
   • you lack the motivation

Why It'll Work For You!


Our drill instructors are dedicated to encouraging each candidate to give every exercise their best effort. The program is different each day. The cardio and strength workouts consist of a variety of military training exercises. New workouts are constantly being developed to keep things fresh.
After completing our course our clients become highly motivated to maintain their heightened level of physical fitness. Each class that starts and finishes together tends to bond as a group, as is the case with military training, making it easier to stay dedicated to the program. With our On-going Physical Training program candidates have the option to continue their SOF Boot Camp at a reduced cost.


As you can see, signing up for SOF is a great deal financially, but there are other benefits to committing as well. Unlike many gyms and long-term fitness deals, we care whether you attend our boot camp. If you don’t show up, you’ll hear from us and we won’t be happy. You will also receive continuous motivation through the daily guidance of our instructors each and every single week.

“When I joined SOF I had been working out forever without seeing any real gains. The element of teamwork drags me out of bed after night shifts everyday and the new challenges and missions keep my mind elsewhere while my fitness level improves …
Jaclyn Starchuk
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