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Body Blitz Package - 9 Sessions per month

The Soldiers of Fitness Body Blitz is the best way to blast your body and mind back into peak physical condition!

This program combines our famous Soldiers of Fitness Boot Camp training with a full consultation package designed by some of the best Fitness and Nutrition coaches in the business!

Here is what your Body Blitz package includes:

1.       A 9 session Soldiers of Fitness Basic Training membership.

2.       A personal physical evaluation completed at your convenience by one of our instructors. This will help us to determine your fitness goals in order to plan a package designed specifically for you.

3.       Following the evaluation, we will design a Nutrition plan which we will send to you once a week to keep your diet on track. This will include certain Arbonne supplements, that we will purchase for you.

4.       Based on your fitness goals, we will design an additional fitness regimen for you which we send to you once per week.

5.       Finally, we will follow up with you in person each week in order to ensure that you are on track with your custom made Body Blitz program!

“Soldiers of Fitness saved my life. When I first joined SOF I had just finished university, was working three part time jobs, was depressed and stuck in an unhealthy relationship. Not to mention, I was out of shape, hated the way I looked and was ashamed that I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing. …
Allison Laing
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