“Dear Corporal and Instructor And all ye Soldiers of Fitness Thank you for what you have taught me and done for me in my time there. You have taught me that I can do it, I can push through it, and that I AM good enough. Sometimes my own belief would waver, sometimes I would skip out because of my own disbelief. You have taught me about teamwork, and that on the days I didn't show up I was letting my team down. I have come to know that and believe that more and more. I am sad I am not able to continue to learn from you in the great outdoors. I do, and will miss you. My life is better for having met you and learned from you. I am moving to Kelowna, BC to be with my elderly parents in their 80's. I like how you continually try to adapt to meet the newcomers and long timers needs, as we are all worth it. 😊😣😮😬😨😦😵😖🙌 Yeah! We did it! I am amazed at the strength and ability and change and perseverance and bodies healthier and better because of it. I couldn't have done it alone. A huge thank you Corporal, Instructor, and fellow Soldiers of Fitness I signed up for November. I am unable to partake. It is a gift back to you for what you have so abundantly given to me. More of learning to believe in my abilities. More in learning of what a team is. You pushed when I didn't believe I could do it. You challenged me to think of others and not my self. For this and more, so much more, I am truly grateful. Yes, I indeed shall miss you. We indeed are not alone, and need not be alone. We can learn how to help each other in greater ways than we have before. Tears are coming to my eyes. Soldier On! I am so grateful to Deborah in her leading me to You! She was with you for 5 years, and has given me permission to use her name. Very Kind Regards Lois Edwards ” Lois Edwards, Edmonton
“Just having completed the Soldiers of Fitness Basic Training course May 31, 2004 - I can say WOW - and congratulations to all of my course-mates. The experience was one that none of us will ever forget. The camaraderie found and friendships that formed over the 4 weeks are an extra plus. We were pushed to exceed our personal best every single day of the course. This motivation was definitely key in me reaching my personal fitness goals. I came to the program in what I considered to be low to moderate physical condition, barely able to run 1km at a decent pace. During the 3rd week of the program I completed an 8+ km run! As well as a drastic improvement in cardiovascular, I have gained core strength and have an overall fitness level that I am proud of. I would recommend that anyone serious about getting into shape quickly take the Soldiers of Fitness up on their Basic Training guarantee, you will be surprised to find that you can go all the way, and then some!” Tracey Schonert, Edmonton
“My goal when I took the plunge and registered in SOF was to get in the best shape I could be in. I was bored with going to the gym, bored with running and my weights in the basement were only getting a work out a few times a month. When I got the SOF brochure in my mailbox I was immediately convinced and excited, this was the program I needed to kick my ass down the road of physical fitness. Although the prospect of waking up at 5:15 AM to make a 6:00 AM work out was most daunting, I have actually become very fond of the early morning hours. I am impressed with how well organized and professional the instructors of SOF are. The program was well thought out encompassing cardiovascular training, flexibility, core strengthening, etc. After a fitness evaluation on the first day the instructors were easily able to accommodate every different level of fitness in our group. From a lower level of fitness in a woman to the high level of physical capabilities of a man, everyone was challenged to their maximum ability. What didn't cross my mind was that at the end of my first grueling month in basic training is that I would come out of it with new friends who share the same fitness goals that I do. It was amazing that 11 strangers came together from the very first day to encourage and motivate each other. I didn't realize what a self-esteem building, leadership skills building program this would be. I found myself not worrying so much about my own physical accomplishments but how my entire team could work efficiently together. SOF has proven to be the key for a leaner, stong body. I can't wait to start the on going fitness program!” Jodi Freeland, Edmonton
“When I joined SOF I had been working out forever without seeing any real gains. The element of teamwork drags me out of bed after night shifts everyday and the new challenges and missions keep my mind elsewhere while my fitness level improves. SOF shows you what you really are capable of and no matter what level you start at you will find yourslef addicted!” Jaclyn Starchuk, Edmonton
“Soldiers of Fitness saved my life. When I first joined SOF I had just finished university, was working three part time jobs, was depressed and stuck in an unhealthy relationship. Not to mention, I was out of shape, hated the way I looked and was ashamed that I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing. Since I started SOF almost three years ago, I've completed a Master's degree, have gotten married and competed in a number of races including the Canadian Death Race, the Banff-Jasper Relay and the 5 peaks trail running series. I am also now a Fitness Instructor with SOF's new company-the Real U Boot Camp. SOF is the hardest thing I've ever done, both physically and mentally. I cried my second week into the course, but it was exactly what I needed to prove to myself that it was okay to be pushed beyond my comfort zone. Through SOF, I've learned that I can accomplish anything, which has obviously carried over into all other aspects of my life. I am more confident, I no longer suffer depression and I have bigger biceps than some of my husband's friends! SOF continues to provide a variety of fun, challenging and exciting activities that keep me coming back for more. I recommend SOF to anyone that is trying to make a lifestyle change to become happier, healthier and more fit.” Allison Laing, Edmonton
“I wanted to thank all of the instructors that I had with Soldiers of Fitness for all of the ways that they impacted my life. Not only did I leave SOF physically strong, but I left a stronger person as well. Thanks to their excellent leadership, emphasis on team work, and never ending pursuit to make me push myself more than I ever had before, I was able to further develop my own leadership ability, self confidence, determination and willingness to strive for what is just out of reach. I can not even begin to count how many times over the past year and a half I have thought back to SOF, and used my experiences there to get through difficult situations; both physical and mental. This past weekend at the Sinister Seven and a month ago when I was running a half marathon I could not help but have the SOF chants going though my head!!! It started to drive me crazy!!!” Aubrie Sparrow, Edmonton
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